Baby Loves Coding

Baby Loves Coding!/¡Al bebé le encanta codificar! By Ruth Spiro, Illustrated by Irene Chan (2018) – board book

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Baby Loves Coding! is one of eight in the Baby Loves Science board book series. These fabulous books feature diverse babies who apply STEM concepts while doing ordinary baby activities. In Baby Loves Coding!, coding concepts are introduced after baby notices that one of this train cars is missing. Baby then thinks like a coder to retrieve the toy from across the room.

Coding terminology is introduced in such a smart and simple way to keep children engaged. Illustrator Irene Chan provides vibrant and adorable illustrations that are equally engaging. My daughter loves flipping through these pages! Best of all, it’s bilingual English-Spanish.

Take-away message: It’s never too early to introduce STEM concepts to your little one! 

TAGS: STEM, bilingual, Spanish, board book

Baby Loves Science bilingual collection is now available for purchase through our “MiJa Books” Shop
Baby Loves Science Bilingual Collection

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