Bedtime Bonnet by Nancy Redd

Bedtime Bonnet By Nancy Redd, Illustrated by Kneka Myers (2020) – hardcover

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This is such a delightful and unique book! The story is simple: a Black family is getting ready for bed and goes through their nighttime, hair-care routine. Each member of the family has different hairstyles that need special care before bed and in the morning when they’re getting ready for their day. The grandparents in this story are especially fun and are sure to make you laugh! Nneka Myers’ illustrations are so cute! And her cover art is absolutely adorable; one of my new favorites. 

Take-away message: From durags to curlers to wave caps, this book certainly aims to normalize “Black hair.” Black children will have fun identifying with the characters in the story. And all other children will benefit from learning a bit more about black hair traditions, and how important it is to one’s identity. 

TAGS: Black hair, nuclear family, female lead, grandparents, Nneka Myers, hardcover


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