Cece Loves Science and Adventure

Cece Loves Science and Adventure By Kimberly Derting and Shelli R. Johannes, Illustrated by Vashti Harrison (2019) – Hardcover

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This is the second book in the fabulous Loves Science series. The series website has tons of fun printables for kids and materials for educators.

Science, adventure, and teamwork collide as Cece and her friends explore the outdoors during a camping trip to earn their camping pin. The group gets caught in a storm, and Cece smartly uses the STEM lessons she remembers from school to get them safely back to the campground. I love the bonus pages at the back of the book that outline exactly how STEM was applied to their camping experience and a glossary of science terms and facts for quick reference. And my favorite illustrator, Vashti Harrison, strikes again! Her work in this nature-themed book is sure to inspire kids to explore the outdoors. And I love the image of a group of diverse friends on the cover.

Take-away message: Cece believes that science could solve almost any problem, and she was certainly correct in this case! The book offers a great example of how STEM can have real-world application. Also provides a message of how solving problems is always easier with teamwork.

TAGS: STEM, nature, female lead, mother-daughter, Vashti Harrison, diverse characters, hardcover

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