Honeysmoke: A Story of Finding Your Color By Monique Fields, Illustrated by Yesenia Moises (2019) – Hardcover

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Honeysmoke is based on author Monique Fields own experiences raising two biracial daughters. This powerful and delightful story follows young Simone, a biracial girl with a Black mom and white dad. Simone one day recognizes that her skin is not like mom or dad’s. Or like anyone else she knows. She wants a color-word that is representative of exactly who she is. So Simone creates her own word: Honeysmoke! She’s a mix of honey brown like mom and smokey white like dad. It’s perfect. Simone is gratified by this newfound identity! I love that illustrator Yesenia Moises depicted Simone exuding so much confidence in her cover illustration. Her vibrant illustrations througout the book are such a joy.

Take-away message: This book will certainly encourage other biracial children to want to create their unique “color-word.” There’s even a space for them to write it in at the end of the book. For all children, this book will empower them to define and celebrate their own identities.

TAGS: mixed race, brown skin, female lead, nuclear family, hardcover

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