The Adventures of Mr. Macaw – Las Aventuras del Sr. Macaw (Author-Signed)


The Adventures of Mr. Macaw – Las Aventuras del Sr. Macaw (2019) *Author Signed Copy!* – hardcover
Bilingual – English & Spanish
Written by Leticia Ordaz
Illustrated by Yana Popova

38 pages
Trim size: 10.35″ x 11.25″
Recommended ages: 3 to 8

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The Adventures of Mr. Macaw – Las Aventuras del Sr. Macaw is a whimsical tale that celebrates siblings, imagination, and community. It’s an added bonus that the protagonists are Latino and the book features features bilingual text in English and Spanish!

Maxton and Bronx love their trips to Mexico. And the siblings can barely contain their excitement when they’re given their abuelito’s magical kite, Mr. Macaw. But when they take him out to fly in an approaching storm, the boys are alarmed when the mischievous toy dances away on the wind!

Excited to be off on a grand adventure, Mr. Macaw can’t wait to check in on his beloved townspeople and their village. And every time someone tries to catch his dangling string, he cheekily swoops just out of reach on a blast of the breeze!

Will the boys and Mr. Macaw ever be reunited?

With delightful illustrations and a charming story, The Adventures of Mr. Macaw is a spellbinding celebration of Latino culture. Featuring English and Spanish on every page, it whips up the fun of bilingual education and fosters a positive view of lovable Latinx characters.

This is a heartwarming children’s picture book for ages four to eight. If you or your child like evocative cultural imagery, enjoyable ways to practice Spanish, and a special touch of magic, then you’ll adore Leticia Ordaz’s enchanting tale.

About the Author:
Leticia Ordaz is a 4-time award-winning author at the International Latino Book Awards and an Emmy-nominated anchor/reporter based in Sacramento, California. As a Latina mother of two boys, she sees the importance of having more bilingual books for them and other children to choose from. After spending countless nights translating picture books to her children in Spanish, Leticia decided it was time to write her own stories for the world to read. Learn more about her independent publishing house Cielito Lindo Books.

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