Frequently Asked Questions


Do you accept P.O.s/bulk order requests (from schools, organizations, 501(c)(3), etc)?

Yes! Please contact us via email at info@mijabooks.com with a detailed request and we’ll do our best to fulfill your order. 

Are you a publisher?

No. We started MiJa Books by simply writing book reviews of the diverse books we bought for our daughter’s home library, and offering Amazon Affiliate links to purchase the books through Amazon.com. 

We are now an official, independent bookstore. You can support our small, family-owned business by purchasing books directly through our MiJa Books Shop or visiting our physical location at the Lakewood Center Mall, in Lakewood, CA. We are still keeping up our Amazon Affiliate links for the following reasons: 

1. Not all of the books that we find are available for wholesale purchases. This usually means that the author is self-published. At MiJa Books, we pride ourselves in supporting self-publishers in addition to promoting books from larger, established publishers. Very rarely are self-publishers able to get shelf space at bookstores, making it a challenge to promote their book(s) on a large scale. We’d like to help those authors that have taken the self-publishing route, and we do that by showcasing their book(s) on our site and offering Amazon links to purchase these books that you may have never encountered otherwise. 

2. There are more diverse book titles than we can physically display on our shelves! We’ve found hundreds of amazing titles and want to showcase as many of them as possible. Currently, the only feasible way for us to do that is to keep writing reviews, providing Amazon links for purchases, and sharing them on our social media pages. The wholesale purchases of books have been restricted to titles that we feel best share our mission and vision. 

How long does it take to get my order? 

If you order directly through our MiJa Books Shop, please allow 1-2 days for processing, and 2-10 days for shipping. 

We do not ship or distribute books purchased through our Amazon Affiliate links. Check your Amazon.com order for details on shipping. 

Do you only feature picture books? 

At the moment, yes. We focus on baby board books and children’s picture books. We have a philosophy that the best way to combat racism and bigotry is to expose children from day one to inclusive, diverse, and multicultural stories. And what better way to do that than with books?! 

We’ve created a Bookshop.org store that features middle grade and YA novels featuring protagonists of color. You can browse our curated lists at our MiJa Books Shop through the Bookshop.org affiliate program. 

Do you offer collaborations on Instagram giveaways? 

Yes! We love #IGGiveaway collabs! Here is a sample of a past collaboration:

IG Giveaway

If you are interested in a giveaway collab, please reach us via email at info@mijabooks.com to discuss the details. 

I’m looking for a specific type of book. Can you offer a recommendation? 

Absolutely! After countless hours of searching for diverse books, it’s fair to say we’ve become diverse picture book connoisseurs! You can reach us via email at info@mijabooks.com for recommendations.

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