Reina & Rashad: The Magical Kumba Discovery

A fantasy adventure children’s picture book featuring two Afro-Latinx siblings!

Preorders are now LIVE, exclusively on Kickstarter! You must register an account with Kickstarter before you can order. Books are expected to be delivered by February 2023, but we will notify everyone should that date come sooner.

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Reina and Rashad


Over 3,000 years ago, a devastating asteroid impact left Earth uninhabitable. The Nubians and Olmecs, part of the two most advanced civilizations on Earth, banded together to find an Earth-like planet in a far away galaxy.
They combined their technological expertise to build spaceships capable of intergalactic travel and began exploring the universe. Decades later, they discovered Kaleria. They now call themselves Kalerians.

Reina & Rashad is the story of two Kalerian siblings of royal lineage who’s adventures lead them to the discovery of a lifetime: THE MAGICAL KUMBAS.

Reina & Rashad The Magical Kumba Discovery is the first in a planned series of books.

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