Ada Twist Scientist

Ada Twist, Scientist By Andrea Beaty, Illustrated by David Roberts (2016) – Hardcover

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The perfect book for parents who are always shouting at their kids to “stop!” and for children who always retort “but why?!” Ada has the mind of a great scientist: she has tons of questions about the world and then designs experiments to test her hypotheses, which often end up messy and sometimes dangerous. One day, Ada’s parents have had enough and angrily send her on a “time-out” of sorts. But, ultimately, they couldn’t get Ada to stop being so curious so they accepted it and figured out a way to foster her passions. Love the fun use of the book cover as a wall that Ada loves to write on when working on her experiments.

Take-away message: It’s certainly a message to children to be excited about your passions, but I feel that it’s an equally important message for parents to recognize and foster those passions they see brewing inside of their children. Instead of being angry and frustrated that Ada was always making a mess and asking endless questions, they recognized that Ada had a passion for science and knowledge. So they did their research and started supporting her and helping her conduct her experiments.

TAGS: STEM, nuclear family, Black, female lead, Spanish edition, hardcover

Spanish Edition Also Available!
Ada Magnífica, científica

Book Trailer for Ada Twist, Scientist

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