Volveré De Nuevo - I Will Come Back

Volveré De Nuevo – I Will Come Back By Padgy Soltis, Illustrated by Dzvinka Rak, Translated by Gabriella Aldeman  (2021) – hardcover



Recommended ages: 3 to 6

I Will Come Back/Volveré De Nuevo is an endearing bilingual read about an all-too-relatable topic: extended separation from a loved one. Author Padgy Soltis was inspired by her nine-month deployment away from her son, but her story is structured in such a way that makes it universally relatable. She doesn’t label the characters as “parent-child” so her message can be appreciated by grandparents, aunts, uncles, or any other loving “adult-child” scenario.

The general premise is that a loved one will be away for an extended period of time. She beautifully and simplistically focuses on the joyous activities that will resume once said loved one returns. 

I will come back 

To tickle your nose

And to count, one-by-one, 

Your ten, tiny, toes. 

Soltis incorporates an ABCB rhyme scheme throughout the poetic text. Amazingly, she was able to keep this same rhyme scheme in the Spanish translation of the text! Thus, it is not entirely a direct translation but the essence of the message remains the same. 

Volveré de nuevo

Para hacerte cosquillas

Y contar los deditos

Que esconden tus zapatillas. 

Another great addition is the depiction of various families throughout the book. A wide range of skin tones and hair color and textures are represented making this a wonderfully inclusive book. 

Take-away message: I Will Come Back/Volveré De Nuevo reassures children that separation from a loved one can be temporary. While apart, the child can take comfort in the happy memories of moments together and look forward to even more joyous moments upon their reunion.

TAGS: family, diverse characters, bilingual, Spanish, hardcover

About the Author:
Padgy Soltis is a mother, writer, entrepreneur, and bachata enthusiast living in North Carolina. Padgy was born and raised in New Jersey and is currently serving in the military. When she is not writing, Padgy is an avid reader and enjoys photography, spending time with her family, and eating her mother’s cooking!

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