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Written By Guest Blogger Anita Grant, June 2022

There comes a time in every girl’s life when they inherit the responsibility of washing, detangling and styling their own hair. Without the correct education, tools and resources, this transition can be painful. Thankfully, today little Black girls see natural hair being embraced and celebrated in mainstream media more and more! We’ve seen great strides forward with the wide availability of Black hair products, children’s books and even the passing of the Crown Act. 

July, 3 2022 marks the third year of National Crown Day, and it’s an extra special one! Early this year, the U.S House passed the Crown Act, bringing us one step closer to banning race-based hair discrimination in the workplace and public schools.

Hello Hair children’s book aims to further contribute to the growing awareness and support for children as they discover the beauty of their unique hair textures. Inspired by 90’s Black Hair Magazines, Hello Hair Children’s Book Features 100 Different Hairstyles for Black girls to learn, love and build a relationship with their crown.

Hello Hair Book Mockup

To see, touch and choose your own hairstyle empowers girls to accept and love their crown in a world that’s taught them otherwise. Through Hello Hair, Author Anita Grant, is hoping to support the next generation with visual representation that encourages connection to their identity, by celebrating the black hair experience. Hello Hair includes four girls with diverse skin tones, hair textures and hairstyles. This book showcases the versatility of Black hair and promotes a range of styles from afros, braids, twists and locs.

Growing up, Black Hair Magazines, such as Ebony, Hype Hair and Essence could be found in almost every black home and hair salon. Grant would source all of her hairstyles from celebrities and black women featured in these magazines. When no one else would, Black publications created their own lane to honor the culture. Without them, there would be no Hello Hair. Grant is bringing back the look and feel of these magazines with the hopes of inspiring little black girls in the same capacity that Black Magazines did in the 90’s. 

Hello Hair Meet the Girls

Illustrator @ericvelasquezny said it best, “Once children see themselves represented in books, their existence is validated, and they feel that they are part of the world.”  

In honor of the Crown Act, Hello Hair children’s book will officially release on July 3rd, 2022.  The Hello Hair children’s book is now available for pre-order at www.hellohairbook.com

We encourage you all to sign the Crown Act petition, share on your socials and help us celebrate National Crown Day. Hopefully, this time next year we will be celebrating the senate approving the Crown Act, federally.

Hello Hair
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