Sometimes in English Sometimes in Spanish

Sometimes in English, Sometimes in Spanish/A veces en inglés, a veces en español By Josefina Cabello, Illustrated by Andrea Caracola (2021) – paperback


Recommended ages: 4 to 8

Sometimes in English, Sometimes in Spanish/A veces en inglés, a veces en español is a sweet bilingual story about just that: being bilingual! It follows a bicultural family of four during their daily routines. From preparing breakfast to playing at the park, two siblings and their parents communicate sometimes in English and sometimes Spanish. 

When I go to the park and play, my parents speak to me in two languages. Sometimes in English and sometimes in Spanish. 

My mom really likes soccer. My mom plays soccer with me and my sister. 

My dad really likes baseball a lot. My dad loves to play baseball with me and my sister. 


Cuando voy al parque y juego, mis padres me hablan en dos idiomas. A veces in inglés, a veces in español. 

A mi mamá le gusta mucho el fútbol. Mi mamá juega fútbol conmigo y con mi hermana. 

A mi papá le gusta mucho el béisbol. A mi papá le encanta jugar béisbol conmigo y con mi hermana.  

The book is written in a matter-of-fact fashion. No need to explain why the family chooses to speak two languages. The fact is that they are a bicultural family choosing to embrace and celebrate their different languages, cultural interests, and diverse foods. 

This book is perfect for any bilingual household but it’s also a great teaching tool for monolingual parents to show their kids that not every household is alike. 

Take-away message: Some families speak two languages and that’s okay! This book helps normalize the fact that some families are bicultural and choose to embrace it rather than hide it. 

TAGS: family, siblings, bilingual, Spanish, Latinx, self-published, paperback

About the Author:
Josefina Cabello was born and raised in Guayaquil, Ecuador. She has worked as a teacher for more than 15 years. Josefina is a PK-6 Spanish teacher in a private school in Tennessee. Josefina is also a blogger and creator of Mrs Cabello Spanish Class, which provides educational resources for other PK-6 Spanish teachers. She currently lives in Tennessee with her husband and two children. Follow her @mrscabellosc!

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