December 2021 Best Selling Children’s Books

MiJa Books Top 10 Best Selling Children’s Book List is determined based upon three (3) factors for the previous month of sales in-store & online: 1) Highest Gross Sales; 2) Most Copies Sold; and 3) Rate of Sale (Did we sell out quickly?)

1. Sing with Me: The Story of Selena Quintanilla

Only available in-store.

2. First 100 Words in English & Spanish

3. Our Skin: A First Conversation About Race

4. Canta Conmigo: La historia de Selena Quintanilla

5. El Don de Una Familia – The Gift of Family – Encanto

6.The Mamba Mentality – Kobe Bryant

Sold Out.

7. Where Is? – ¿Donde Está? El Chavo

8. Hair Love

9. I’m a Brilliant Little Black Boy

10. Jaguares y Mariposas

MiJa Books created this Top 10 Children’s Books List to educate our community on the books that are most popular when we are given a wider selection of books that depict us & our cultures.

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MiJa Books is an independent, family-owned children’s bookstore and resource for diverse books. Our mission is to showcase children’s picture books that feature children of color on the front cover and as main characters. We believe representation matters and we have a vision of a more inclusive world that begins within the pages of the littlest books.

MiJa Books was created by the Reeds, an entrepreneurial wife-and-husband team. What started as a home library for their Afro-Latina daughter has turned into an online resource for others looking to diversify their children’s bookshelves. They want their daughter (and her future siblings!) to have shelves full of inclusive books with relatable and inspirational characters. And they hope MiJa Books helps make this possible for the children in your life as well. Both born and raised in Southern California, they are currently based in the “heart of screenland”, Culver City, CA, where they reside and operate their businesses.

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