Alphabet Affirmations for Boys of Color

Alphabet Affirmations for Boys of Color Written by Alfreida McKinney (2020) – paperback

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Recommended ages: 0 to 8

Alphabet Affirmations for Boys of Color is a simple, daily go-to for positive affirmations. Author Alfreida McKinney, a school counselor and mother to an Afro-Latino boy, wanted to create a resource full of positive, Black and brown representation. For each letter of the alphabet, she lists three adjectives that young boys of color can use to boost their self-esteem.

I am artistic, amazing, and active. 

I am brave, blissful, and blessed. 

Alongside the text are vibrant and joyous illustrations of brown boys reading, dancing, lending a helping hand, and much more. It’s a book with a simple premise but powerful message.

Take-away message: Encourages young boys to love themselves by seeing positive representations of boys of color.

TAGS: brown skin, male lead, paperback, indie publisher, Spanish edition

About the Author: 
Alfreida McKinney is a mother to an amazing Black and Latino boy, Joshua. She has a Masters of Arts in Education and is currently employed as a school counselor in Seattle, Washington. Alfreida works with young people to support their academic achievement, social-emotional learning and post-secondary goal setting. It has been her lifelong goal to publish literature that illustrates and provides a source of representation for black and brown children to see themselves in positive stories.

Also available in Spanish!
Afirmaciones del alfabeto para niños de color
Afirmaciones del alfabeto para ninos de color


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