Beautiful Girl Do You Know
Beautiful Girl, Do You Know?: A Christian Children’s Book By Stacy Hester-Lockett (2020) – paperback


Beautiful Girl, Do You Know? is an inspiring Christian children’s book that was designed for young Black girls “to build confidence and knowledge of God’s word.” An adorable little Black girl stares at herself through a mirror and, through her reflections, is delivered a multitude of motivational messages. Dressed in a “SuperGirl” outfit, the passage reads: “Beautiful, girl, do you know that you are brave? God has made you strong and courageous.” Dressed in a white doctor’s coat, the passage reads: “Beautiful girl, do you know that your future is bright?…You can become anything you dream of.” And she hears many other positive affirmations that culminate with an image of a girl beaming with confidence and self-love. I must also note that there are depictions of Black Jesus! The charming illustrations are sure to captivate your young reader! 

Lockett has created such a wonderfully unique book for families of Christian faith. I appreciate that she is very forthright with her intended audience. I don’t like to be surprised when it comes to religious messages in literature, especially religious messages in children’s books. Not everyone in our wonderfully diverse world believes in the same God or any God, nor does every parent want to raise their children religiously. This book is for a specific demographic. It’s right on the cover. If you identify with the demographic, then this book would be a wonderful addition to your library!

Take-away message: In the eyes of God, you are beautiful, brave, powerful, destined for success and so much more! In keeping your faith and trusting God, you will always be worthy. 

More about the author:Stacy Hester-Lockett is a Wife, Mother, Educator, Author, Entrepreneur, Speaker and Mentor. She is the Owner of PRO Status Cheer and Dance Company and Founder of She is Strong Ministries in Houston, TX. She has a B.S in Communication and is currently studying to receive her Masters in Christian Ministry. With a passion for youth and an advocate for women empowerment, her ministry is devoted to inspiring, empowering and educating them for Kingdom impact.” 

TAGS: Black, female lead, female empowerment, Christian, religious, self-published, paperback 

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