Black, White, Just Right! By Marguerite W. Davol, Illustrated by Irene Trivas (1993) – paperback



This is a fun read about a mixed race girl that exudes pride from being biracial. She celebrates the traits and characteristics that make her Black mom and White dad unique and then tells us about her own unique personality that makes her a perfect blend of her parents. From describing their different tastes in food, to comparing their favorite type of museum exhibitions, this story will make you smile. It’s a great conversation starter to talk to your kids about inheriting genes, and you’ll surely have fun identifying the unique traits in your own family! I would have preferred to see a more prominent and vivid cover of the biracial family, but some of the cheerful and dynamic illustrations inside make-up for the cover art. 

The book dedication is so sweet! Author Marguerite W. Davol wrote this book for her “just-right,” biracial grandchildren. She included a photo of them three by the dedication. 

Take-away message: Children learn how they are a mix of their parents and will want to identify and celebrate their diverse characteristics. 

TAGS: mixed race, nuclear family, family, indie publisher, paperback

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