Cocoa Tea and Honey

Cocoa, Tea, and Honey by Kimberly Davis-Peters, illustrated by @fitriandhita (2020) – paperback

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Recommended ages: 2 to 5

Cocoa, Tea, and Honey is a heartwarming celebration of friendship and beautiful, brown skin. It follows a group of three friends, all with varying shades of brown skin. Their collective voices act as the narrator. The book title, Cocoa, Tea, and Honey, references the terms the girls use to describe each of their skin colors. We see the girls enjoying all sorts of fun activities together, like building a snowman, jumping rope, and sitting around a campfire. The messaging emphasizes that friendships are not defined by skin tone but rather by shared interests and kindness.

This delightful book encourages all children to look beyond color when making friendships but also teaches them to recognize the beauty of diversity. The bold text is perfect for early readers. And the illustrations are charming, full of fun details and vibrant colors.

Take-away message: Diversity is beautiful! Although our skin color may differ, it should have nothing to do with whom we choose to befriend. It is our shared experiences that bring us together.

TAGS: brown skin, friendship, female lead, paperback, indie author

About the Author:
Kimberly Davis-Peters began her writing career in children’s literature with a vision to inspire little readers through the power of storytelling. Her unique style with themes related to family, milestones, imagination and adventure are sure to bring joy to young children everywhere . Whether it is an important lesson or simple laughter, Kimberly crafts insightful stories that are perfect for the little reader in your family!

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