Dad, Who Will I Be? By G. Todd Taylor, Illustrated by Delayna Robbins (2015) – Paperback

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In this moving love letter from father to son, the young boy identifies powerful Black men in history that have created lasting legacies and wonders if he could ever match their greatness. From the athleticism of Michael Jordan and Muhammad Ali to the riches of Mansa Musa, the boy’s father assures him that he could one day be as influential but also reminds him that he should always put his best foot forward. Taylor also includes a wonderful follow-up at the back of the book for children to read more about the amazing Black figures mentioned in the story. I love the playful and inspirational cover art by Delayna Robbins!

Take-away message: From the author’s dedication: “You are amazing and can be whatever you want to be!” This is a great way to show children that there is a wide range of possible career paths.

TAGS: Black, father-son, family, notable POC, male lead, self-published, paperback

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