Don't Touch My Hair by Sharee Miller
Don’t Touch My Hair! Written and Illustrated by Sharee Miller (2018) – Paperback



Recommended ages: 4 to 8

Author Sharee Miller wrote this book based on her own experience with strangers wanting to touch her hair without permission. It follows a girl named Aria, featured on the colorfully fun front cover, who loves her hair and all of the compliments she receives. But she does NOT like it when these people try to touch her hair, especially without asking. One day, Aria has had enough and finally lets everyone know how she really feels.
Miller’s cover art is so fun, and the sentiment continues throughout the book, from a super zoomed-in view of Aria’s hair, to a montage of Aria rolling, kicking and jumping to avoid dozens of hands reaching for her hair.

Take-away message: From the author’s note: “ this is a story about personal boundaries and what I would like to be used as a tool to teach the importance of asking permission first. ”

TAGS: Black, textured hair, female lead, paperback, board book edition

Also available as a board book!

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