Fresh Princess

Fresh Princess By Denene Millner, Illustrated by Gladys Jose (2019) – Hardcover

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Young Destiny, or as her dad lovingly calls her “Fresh Princess,” overcomes her fear of making new friends in a new city in this book inspired by Will Smith’s “Fresh Prince” character. Destiny is intimidated by the new neighborhood kids and denies their initial invitations to come and play. Her father comes to the rescue and after a fun tour of their new city of West Philadelphia, helps his “Fresh Princess” feel acquainted and comfortable. She now has the courage to make new friends and show off her double-Dutch skills. The colorful cover art is sure to attract any young reader.

Take-away message: Moving to a new city can be scary but you’ll soon make new friends if you just find the perfect opportunity to “jump in!”

TAGS: Black, Female Lead, Hardcover

Also in the series: Fresh Princess: Style Rules!
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