Fresh Princess

Fresh Princess By Denene Millner, Illustrated by Gladys Jose (2019) – Hardcover

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Young Destiny, or as her dad lovingly calls her “Fresh Princess,” overcomes her fear of making new friends in a new city in this book inspired by Will Smith’s “Fresh Prince” character. Destiny is intimidated by the new neighborhood kids and denies their initial invitations to come and play. Her father comes to the rescue and after a fun tour of their new city of West Philadelphia, helps his “Fresh Princess” feel acquainted and comfortable. She now has the courage to make new friends and show off her double-Dutch skills. The colorful cover art is sure to attract any young reader.

Take-away message: Moving to a new city can be scary but you’ll soon make new friends if you just find the perfect opportunity to “jump in!”

TAGS: Black, Female Lead, Hardcover

Also in the series: Fresh Princess: Style Rules!
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Fresh Princess: Style Rules

Author’s Note:
I’VE ALWAYS LOVED CHILDREN’S BOOKS—the illustrations, the color, the whimsy, the beauty of the stories. I’m particularly drawn to books that speak to the human experience of African American children, beyond the typical subjects saddled on them, like the Civil Rights Movement, slavery, and the lives of sports and music icons. Don’t get me wrong: I appreciate that those books give our history an airing for our babies. But I’m infinitely more interested in stories that celebrate the everyday beauty of being a little human of color. Black children believe in the tooth fairy, get scared when they contemplate their first ride on the school bus, look for dragons in their closets, have best friends who get into mischief with them. In other words, Black children have the same universal childhood experiences that any other human revels in as a kid, and they should be able to see that part of their lives reflected in the stories on their bookshelves. My goal is to have my imprint add to that small but important canon. Denene Millner Books, then, is a love letter to children of color who deserve to see their beauty and humanity in the most remarkable form of entertainment on the planet: books.

About the Author:
Denene Millner is a New York Times bestselling author and frequent contributor to publications such as Essence, NPR, Redbook, and Glamour. In 2008, Millner founded MyBrownBaby, a critically acclaimed and award-winning blog that has worked with top brands, including Disney and Target. She also cohosts Georgia Public Broadcasting’s A Seat at the Table, a talk show about black women; hosts the podcast Speakeasy with Denene, a celebration of the beauty of the African American experience; and makes appearances on the Today show, NPR, and more. Millner has authored thirty-one books, among them Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, cowritten with Steve Harvey; Around the Way Girl, a memoir with actress Taraji P. Henson; The Vow, the novel on which the hit Lifetime movie With This Ring was based; and Fresh Princess: Style Rules, the second in a series inspired by Will Smith’s iconic character. Millner is the editorial director of Denene Millner Books, a Simon & Schuster imprint that publishes books featuring African American children and families. In the imprint’s debut year, Crown: An Ode to the Fresh Cut won Newbery and Caldecott Honors and the Kirkus Prize for Children’s Literature. Millner lives in Atlanta with her two daughters and adorable Goldendoodle, Teddy.

About the Illustrator: 
Gladys Jose is an illustrator, storyteller, and master to-do list maker. She earned a bachelor in fine arts degree with a specialization in graphic design from the University of Central Florida and has worked with several clients to perfect their brands. She lives in the sunny state of Florida with her husband and daughter. And her favorite drink is coffee; she’s always drinking coffee. You can visit her at www.gladysjose.com.


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