Little Legends Exceptional Men in Black History
Little Legends: Exceptional Men in Black History Written and Illustrated by Vashti Harrison (2019) – Hardcover



Vashti Harrison’s three-book series is a hands-down, must-have for any children’s library. The aim of these ridiculously adorable books is to educate and inspire children with the stories of exceptional black men and women in history.

Little Legends: Exceptional Men in Black History is expertly researched and crafted into concise biographies of dozens of Black trailblazers throughout history. Harrison’s illustrations are so thoughtful and engaging; I’d love to see them offered as prints to decorate my daughter’s room! Each book includes additional names with shorter biographies that didn’t make the final cut for a full page spread, and a list of resources for children to dive into these stories further.

Take-away message: Encourages children to learn about history and those that forged paths for so many others. Harrison said it best in her book introduction, “I think about the dreams I might have had if I had known…that so many people who looked like me had done such incredible things. To be able to see yourself in someone else’s story can be life changing.”

Also available as a board book!
Follow Your Dreams, Little One

TAGS: Notable POC, Black, Male Lead, Vashti Harrison, Hardcover

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