Nerdy Babies Ocean
Nerdy Babies: Ocean Written and Illustrated by Emmy Kastner (2019) – Board book

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This board book series is just too cute! There are currently four books in the series (the others are Space, Rocks, and Weather) and they each follow the same group of four, ethnically diverse babies as they explore the world around them. Each of the four covers features one of the babies from the group, but they are featured together throughout the pages of all of the books in the series.

Take-away message: The message from the series is to stay curious about the world! In Ocean, the message is that there are so many interesting things you can learn about the ocean alone, from learning it’s the “blue stuff” you see on Planet Earth to learning that the deeper down you travel, the colder and darker it gets.

TAGS: STEM, Nature, Diverse Characters, Board Book

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