Nighttime Symphony By Timbaland and Christopher Myers, Illustrated by Christopher Myers and Kaa Illustration (2019) – Hardcover

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Nighttime Symphony tells an endearing story of a black father comforting his son, who is frightened by the raging storm outside. Dad explains that the howling wind is nature’s voice and those swaying branches are just the trees dancing “like they don’t care.” This book is a wonderful tribute to the powers of music and song to soothe the soul. The rhyming text helps create a story that reads like a soothing lullaby. The textured lettering and gold foil accents on the cover add to the magic of the tale within. Some of the illustrations are quite breathtaking and provide a wonderfully imaginative backdrop for the metaphorical text. The spread that conveys angels in the heavens as musicians and the source of thunder is particularly stunning. 

Take-away message: As the old adage goes, it’s “mind over matter.” This story sets a great example of how you can overcome your fears simply by changing your mindset.

TAGS: male lead, father-son, Black, Timbaland, hardcover

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