Not Quite Snow White

Not Quite Snow White By Ashley Franklin, Illustrated by Ebony Glenn (2019) – Hardcover

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Not Quite Snow White is such a refreshing and uplifting tale about the importance of self-confidence! Little Tameika loves to sing and dance, especially on the stage. She’s so excited for the upcoming auditions at school for “Snow White: The Musical.” She finally has the chance to play a princess! But her hopes are soon deflated as she overhears the other kids say that she’s too brown to play Snow White. After a pick-me-up from mom and dad, Tameika gains the confidence to shine and prove everyone wrong.

Ebony Glenn’s cover illustration provides such a positive self-image for little brown girls. So cute! And that same sentiment is carried throughout the book’s dynamic and delightful illustrations.

Take-away message: The most deserving person should be the most qualified person, no matter their skin color! Tameika was a triple-threat, the school’s best actress, singer, and dancer. So she was absolutely the most qualified for the role, even if the role is traditionally white. The story also teaches kids to recognize their worth and let their confidence shine!

TAGS: brown skin, Black, nuclear family, female lead, hardcover

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