Dragon Boat Festival – Simplified : A Bilingual Book in English and Mandarin with Simplified Characters and Pinyin


Dragon Boat Festival – Simplified : A Bilingual Book in English and Mandarin with Simplified Characters and Pinyin 
Lacey Benard, Lulu Cheng, Lacey Benard (Illustrated by)
Board Book (2024)
$12.99 USD
  • Juvenile Nonfiction / Concepts / Size & Shape
Ages 0 to 5, Grades K And Under
22 pages
Series: Bitty Bao
6.5 in H | 6.5 in W | 0.8 lb Wt


For families looking for a fun book about shapes that captures their bitty babes’ attention and teaches them shape names and characteristics in two languages, all while celebrating Chinese culture!

Learn about shapes while celebrating the Dragon Boat Festival!

Dragon Boat Festival is a cultural summer event that both children and adults look forward to, especially for the dragon boat races. Dragon Boat Festival is a bilingual Mandarin-English book that highlights the various traditions that take place while preparing for and celebrating the festival. Children and adults alike will be delighted to discover the shapes found in commonly seen items from the Dragon Boat Festival as they turn each page. The book is full of eye-catching and simple pictures that improve observation skills, build vocabulary, and encourage reading.

Dragon Boat Festival also squeezes in extra learning opportunities and skills, such as new facts about Dragon Boat Festival, traditions and customs that take place when celebrating, as well as shapes and their characteristics in both English and Chinese.

Parents will adore this eye-catching bilingual Mandarin-English read due to its effortless integration of Chinese culture and traditions paired with a very kid-friendly topic and festival. The simple and cute artwork is engaging for all, making learning about shapes and reading so much fun!

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Weight .8 lbs
Dimensions 6.5 × 6.5 × .4 in
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