El Cucuy… and Other Spooky Legends from Latin American Folklore


El Cucuy… And Other Spooky Legends from Latin American Folklore (2022) – hardcover
Bilingual – English & Spanish
Written by Naibe Reynoso
Illustrated by Claudia Navarro

Trim size: 9.25″ x 9.25″
Recommended ages: 3 to 8

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El Cucuy…and other Spooky Legends from Latin American Folklore, is a bilingual book that retells classic childhood folktales. The stories are told in rhyming verse in both English and Spanish. The book includes legends from various countries across Latin America, including El Cipitio from El Salvador, El Silbon from Venezuela, La Patasola from Colombia, and others such as La Llorona, La Siguanaba, La Mano Peluda, and los Aluxes. These tales connect us to our ancestors, as many Latin American communities would bond through the collective sharing of these spooky folktales that were passed on from generation to generation. These fables are an important part of Latino cultural heritage. The legends contained here are a more gentle adaptation of the original legends, to make them more palatable for all audiences.

Naibe Reynoso is a Mexican-American multiple-Emmy award-winning journalist with over two decades of career experience. She is also a board member for the prestigious Peabody Awards. Her work as a freelance reporter has been seen on CNN Espanol, France 24, Reelz Channel, Univision, Telemundo/KWHY, and Fox News Latino to name a few. She graduated from UCLA with a degree in Sociology, and a double concentration in Psychology and Chicano Studies. This is her first children’s book. It was written to help inspire the next generation of little ones, and highlights Latina trailblazers. She is a mother of a teenage girl and a young boy and lives with her husband Jeff, a comedy writer, in her native, Los Angeles, California.

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