Fros, Braids, Fades, and Waves (Hey Carter Books! – Soft Cover)


Fros, Braids, Fades, and Waves: A Celebration of Black Boy Hairstyles
Written by Thomishia Booker
Illustrated by Starvos Pierce
Paperback (2022)

Trim size: 8.5″ x 8.5″
Recommended ages: 3 to 8

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Fros, Braids, Fades, & Waves: A Celebration of Black Boy Hairstyles is a book every Black boy needs!
This book holds a mirror up to Black boys and shows them their true reflection.

Size 8.5 x 8.5 soft over

Fros, Braids, Fades, and Waves is a celebration of Black boy hairstyles. Black boys can wear their hair in any style that makes them feel good and confident. This book elevates Black joy! Using African American Vernacular English the story is delivered in a poetic style. Inside you will find vibrant illustrations and rhyming text designed to capture the attention of children. This book puts Black boys front and center.

“My fro is poppin! I love the way it glistens in the sun. Switching up my hair from a fro to a fade is always so much fun.”

Appropriate for ages 0-8

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