I Have A Secret!/¡Tengo un secreto! – Signed Copy


I Have A Secret!/¡Tengo un secreto! (2020) – paperback
Written by Maritere Rodríguez Bellas
Illustrated by Jayri Gómez

*Author-signed copy*

35 pages
Trim size: 8.5″ x 8.5″
Recommended ages: 3 to 8

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Shhh… I have a secret and I don’t want anyone to know about it. I’m starting school and I am so happy that my teacher only asks us to share our first name. If she asked for my last name I think everyone might find out what my secret is.

I Have a Secret! is a bilingual children’s book that follows the adventures of Yunito. In this first book in a series, Yunito has a dilemma. A secret that he guards with his life. The book provides a fun, clever way to instill the love of language and addresses the concept of friendship and cultural pride.

About the Author: 
Award-winning author, parenting topic expert, speaker, writer, podcast host, IG-Live and FB-Live host, and social media influencer, Maritere R. Bellas combined her passion for writing and her devotion to motherhood to create a diverse platform of resources for parents looking to raise bilingual, multilingual and multicultural children.

Maritere has been a resource to her community long before resources were easily accessible online. She published a parenting column for twelve years in La Opinión newspaper in Los Angeles, while contributing to major national magazines such as Ser Padres and Healthy Kids En Español, offering thousands of Latino parents the knowledge needed to raise children in a multicultural world.

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, she is the author of Raising Bilingual Children, an e-book published by Simon and Schuster in English and in Spanish, Arroz con Pollo and Apple Pie: Raising Bicultural Children, published in both languages and all formats, and two bilingual children’s books, Luisito’s Island/La Isla de Luisito and I Have a Secret/Tengo un secreto, the first in her series, Yunito’s Adventures. Throughout the years she’s been media’s parenting expert participating in numerous podcasts, a guest blogger and a regular guest at Univision and Telemundo. Her personal commitment and professional journey have been featured in People en Español, CNN En Español, Alegría Bilingual Magazine, VogageLA, Latina Style, El Nuevo Día, El Post Antillano, Nenani and Spiritú among others. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Maritere lives in Southern California. She and her Greek American husband raised two children with two languages and three cultures.

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