I Love Boba!


I Love Boba! (2021) – hardcover
Written by Katrina Liu
Illustrated by Dhidit Prayoga

Limited time only: Every book comes with a free sticker sheet!

32 pages
Trim size: 10″ x 10″
Recommended ages: 2 to 6

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I Love Boba! is a full-color picture book celebrating boba and Asian culture! This hardcover book is intended for ages 2-6, but can be enjoyed by any boba lover. It features 32 pages and a fun and whimsical rhyming story describing the many amazing reasons why boba is so great! Perfect for a short and sweet bedtime story! I Love Boba! is available in two editions:

Free audio readings in Mandarin Chinese are available at: https://minalearnschinese.com/pages/audio-readings

About the Author:
Katrina Liu is an American-born Chinese mom and author living in San Francisco, California. Her goal is to add more Asian representation into the world of children's books. She's written a variety of children's books including bilingual children's books in Chinese and English for non-native speakers. When her daughter, Mina, was born, Liu searched for well-illustrated, dual-language children’s books with Pinyin and English, but was surprised at how little she could find. Committed to giving Mina the opportunity to become bilingual, Liu created a series of children's books in Chinese and English. The stories focus on simple everyday dialog with beautiful and engaging illustrations to introduce the Chinese language to young learners in a fun and easy way. Her goal is to continue to provide learning resources for non-native Chinese speakers who wish to foster dual-language skills with their children. Her books are available in both Simplified and Traditional Chinese and include an audio reading in Mandarin.

For more information, visit www.minalearnschinese.com or follow her on Instagram @minalearnschinese.

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