Loquita, Latina Superhero


Loquita, Latina Superhero (2021) – paperback 
Written by Kayden Phoenix
Art by Eva Cabrera

78 pages
Trim Size: 6″ x 9″
Ages: 13 +

**Warning**: We’re rating this graphic novel “PG-13.” There are depictions of violence, use of weapons, and mature themes. Read the description below for further information about the story.

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Loquita, Latina Superhero is the 3rd book in A La Brava, a Latina Superhero universe by Kayden Phoenix.

Loquita is from Miami, Florida and is a sophomore in high school. As she comes into womanhood, she gains her powers. Loquita starts to see demons and is scared beyond belief. It doesn’t help that no one else can see them. A ghost, Sissel, asks Loquita to help save her and although Loquita has no idea how, she accepts. Loquita follows the clues leading her deeper into the supernatural, all while maintaining her grades and family life.

Suicide is the second leading cause of death in kids and teens ages 10 to 19. The rates among teenage girls continues to sharply rise. The spike points to social media as a contributor as well as economic downturns and mental illness.

In our society, there are unwritten rules and expectations for young ladies that create immense pressure. Then you add possible biological components such as hormones and a genetic disposition. Some young ladies don’t have the resources (financial or family support), nor the knowledge to take care of their mental illness; especially when it comes to depression or anxiety. Most times they stay silent. And with depression, they manifest as anger and irritability.

It’s normal for teenagers to get a little moody and defiant, but drastic changes, such as decline in academic performance, not spending as much time with family or isolation, are red flags for something deeper.

Every day, on average, 16 American youth take their own lives. Loquita was created to shed light on this devastating but real issue.

KAYDEN PHOENIX – The Creator/Writer
Growing up with her playful and imaginative relatives, at every family gathering, Kayden heard countless stories of their encounters with ghosts and spirits, graves under the house, etc. Loquita is an ode to their memories.

EVA CABRERA – The Penciller
Eva Cabrera is a Mexican vegan comic artist; nominated for the GLAAD Award and the Will Eisner Award. Since childhood Eva has been fascinated by telling stories through drawings. Little by little she developed as a female artist within the industry of her country, which has been very important for her to represent the creative women in Mexico. Together, with her friend, Claudia Aguirre, they founded Boudika Comics to inspire new creative women.

ADRIANA DLT- The Colorist
Adriana DLT (a.k.a Akimaro) is a Mexican illustrator with a background in graphic design. By living in the border state of Chihuahua, she grew up close to both Mexico and the US traditions. Akimaro’s style is heavily inspired by manga aesthetics, with a Latina twist; which has lead her to collaborate with publishers such as Penguin Random House and Doméstika. After participating in various art projects, Akimaro understood the importance of female representation in media, and most importantly, Latina representation; which she now pursues and encourages in all her works.

SANDRA ROMERO – The Letterist
Sandra Romero is a first generation Mexican-American graphic designer based in Southern California. Growing up, she was drawn to powerful female role models in cartoons and media. Sandra values her relationship and friendship with her mother. Following her mother’s advice, she pursued higher education to be able to work on art, graphics, and work on projects with female leads for other little girls.

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