Los amigos de la cuadra – Friends on the Block


Los amigos de la cuadra – Friends on the Block 
By Charito Acuña
Illustrated by Vanessa Balleza
Hardcover (2020)

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Learning to be inclusive has never been so much fun. Friends on the Block “Los amigos de la cuadra” is an English Spanish book for kids with topics about Friendship, Diversity, Inclusion, and Fruit!

In this 45-page book, kids learn “it’s okay to be different,” and that we should include all people regardless of their appearance or the physical limitations they may have.

In this story, the arrival of a new boy to the block is a reason to celebrate, despite the fact that he is in a wheelchair. The boy is fascinated with fruit, so his welcome party features a variety of fruit, whose names kids will learn in Spanish and English. In the end, kids will learn that it’s possible for everyone to have a good time on wheels.


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