My Safe and Cozy Space (Author-Signed)


My Safe and Cozy Space *Author-Signed Edition* 
Written by Angela Conroy
Illustrated by Vajihe Golmazari
Paperback (2022)

38 pages
Trim Size 6″ x 9″

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This is a tale of empowerment for all children who need to feel safe and that they belong. It is told from a child’s point of view based on hundreds of children who have navigated similar spaces. It is a heartwarming story for children, parents, caregivers and mental health professionals.

About the Author:
Angela Conroy is a former foster parent and adoptive mother of one resilient, funny teenager. She is a mental health occupational therapist who has worked with hundreds of children who have overcome very difficult experiences. This book is designed to help children feel empowered and safe to share hurtful stories knowing there is always a safe and cozy space for them.

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