Positively Me: An ABC Book


Positively Me: An ABC Book
Written by Shoshana Enriquez, Illustrated by Keri Green
Paperback (2022)
30 pages
8.5 in H | 8.5 in W

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Faced with the often discouraging language surrounding her own young son’s autism diagnosis, author Shoshana Enriquez set out to shed light on the positive attributes of those living on the spectrum. Each letter in Positively Me: An ABC Book highlights the remarkable achievements, skills, and personalities of these individuals. The author hopes to remind her readers of all they have to offer the world.

From Artistic to Zen, Positively Me: An ABC Book will introduce your child to a wide range of personality traits, embodied on each vibrantly illustrated page by a new character. Whether your child is learning the alphabet or discovering what makes each of us unique, this book will serve as a fun and engaging part of their journey.

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