Rocket Says Collection


This bundle includes:

  1. Rocket Says Look Up! – hardcover
  2. Rocket Says Clean Up! – hardcover
  3. One FREE “MiJa Merch” bundle

Recommended ages: 3 to 9

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Debut author Nathan Bryon and illustrator Dapo Adeola have teamed up to create this refreshing STEM series. Children are sure to fall in love with Rocket, the spunky, Black female protagonist in the series! She has a passion for science, is always driven by curiosity and aims to make the world a better place. We love this series! Read our MiJa Books review of Rocket Says Look Up!

Rocket Says Look Up!: Meet Rocket–a plucky aspiring astronaut intent on getting her community to LOOK UP! from what they’re doing and reach for the stars in this auspicious debut picture book. A comet will be visible tonight, and Rocket wants everyone to see it with her–even her big brother, Jamal, whose attention is usually trained on his phone or video games. Rocket’s enthusiasm brings neighbors and family together to witness a once-in-a-lifetime sighting. Perfect for fans of Ada Twist, Scientist and Cece Loves Science–Rocket Says Look Up! will inspire readers of all ages to dream big as it models Rocket’s passion for science and infectious curiosity.

Rocket Says Clean Up!: Plucky science-lover Rocket returns in another inspiring picture book about getting a community to notice the world around them, and, in this book, to CLEAN UP! their shoreline. Rocket is off to the islands to visit her grandparents. Her family loves nothing better than to beach comb and surf together…but the beach is clogged with trash! When she finds a turtle tangled in a net, Rocket decides that something must be done! Like a mini Greta Thunberg, our young activist’s enthusiasm brings everyone together…to clean up the beach and prevent plastics from spoiling nature. This book is perfect for any youngster concerned about our environment. Rocket Says Clean Up! will inspire readers of all ages to dream big and tackle problems head-on.

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