Santa, Latina Superhero


Santa – Latina Superhero (2020) – paperback 
Written by Kayden Phoenix
Art by Eva Cabrera

Trim Size: 6″ x 9″
Ages: 13 +

**Warning**: We’re rating this graphic novel “PG-13.” There are depictions of violence and death, use of weapons, and mature themes. Read the description below for further information about the story.

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Santa, Latina Superhero is the 2nd book in A La Brava, a Latina Superhero universe created by Kayden Phoenix. Jalisco, Latina Superhero is the first in the series.

Dedicated to all immigrants. 

Santa lives in Wexo, a made-up border town in Texas. With elections coming up, the tension rises as the conservative frontrunner, Illena Chavez-Estevez, AKA ICE, wants to start a race war in the town. On the Domino side, we have La Política running. Comadre, the mentor and veteran, ends up recruiting Santa for La Política’s campaign and as the racial tensions rise in the town, Santa learns what it means to be patriotic while harnessing her Mom’s military past. When civilians start getting stolen, Santa finds her voice and strength to raid the detention camps and take down ICE.

About the Author:
Kayden Phoenix is a third generation Chicana from East LA. Being raised in matriarchies, Kayden Phoenix ‘s heroes were always females. From her mom who taught her she can do  anything, to her Great Aunt, whom she remembers always running up to first to pay her respects, females were always at the forefront. Being heavily influenced by her family, especially her close cousins who served in the Marines, Kayden wanted to create a superhero that protects her town at all costs.  

About the Art Team:
The Penciller: Eva Cabrera is a Mexican vegan comic artist; nominated for the GLAAD Award and the Will Eisner Award. Since childhood Eva has been fascinated by telling stories through drawings. Little by little she developed as a female artist within the industry of her country, which has been very important for her to represent the creative women in Mexico. Together, with her friend, Claudia Aguirre, they founded Boudika Comics to inspire new creative women.

The Colorist: Gloria Felix is a Mexican visual development artist and illustrator based in San Francisco. Born and raised in Michoacán, the strong women in her family and her home state are some her biggest inspirations when it comes to creating art. As a women of color, she believes it’s extremely important  to  show representation in all sorts of media and to fight for equal  rights  for everyone.  

The Letterist: Sandra Romero is a first generation Mexican-American Graphic Designer based in the Central Valley of California. Growing  up, she was drawn to powerful female role models in cartoons and media. Sandra values her relationship and friendship with her  mother. Following her mother’s advice, she pursued higher education to be able to work on art, graphics, and projects with female leads in hopes of inspiring and providing little girls with confident and  determined role models to look up to.

Additional Resources: Free coloring page from A La Brava!

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