Santa, Latina Superhero


Santa – Latina Superhero (2020) – paperback 
Written by Kayden Phoenix
Art by Eva Cabrera

Trim Size: 6″ x 9″
Ages: 13 +

**Warning**: We’re rating this graphic novel “PG-13.” There are depictions of violence and death, use of weapons, and mature themes. Read the description below for further information about the story.

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SANTA, the Graphic Novel (#2 in the A La Brava Series)

Santa lives in Wexo, a made-up bordertown in Texas. With elections coming up, the tension rises as the conservative frontrunner, Illena Chavez-Estevez, AKA ICE, wants to start a race war in the town. On the Domino side, we have La Politica running. Comadre, the mentor and  veteran, ends up recruiting Santa for La Politica’s campaign and as the  racial tensions rise in the town, Santa learns what it means to be patriotic while harnessing her Mom’s military past. When civilians start getting stolen, Santa finds her voice and strength to raid the detention camps and take down ICE.


Governments all over the world have detention centers for immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers. Many of these immigrants flee their country to escape from violent and inhumane conditions. In the US, more than 50,000 people are currently being held in ICE facilities, while approx 20,000 are being held in CBP centers. More than 11,000 children are now in the custody of HHS, which holds unaccompanied children for up to 45 days.

There are horrifying reports of unsanitary conditions, overcrowding, and cruelty.

Overcrowding is a major problem and one of the main reason’s illnesses are spread easily. Detention camps have been known to hold more than 155 detainees in cells built for 35 people.

In direct violation of the Flores Settlement, children have been held in Border Patrol custody for weeks, without access to adequate food, space to sleep, and even basic sanitary necessities- like soap and beds. Cases of sexual misconduct are prevalent.


Putting humans in cages for indefinite periods of time is not simply a regulatory “tweak”; it is a monstrous and criminal violation of basic rights and human dignity.

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