Sibling Love


Sibling Love (2021) – hardcover
Written by Sharifa Anozie
Illustrated by Claudio Espinosa

46 pages
Trim size: 8.5″ x 8.5″
Recommended ages: 3 to 8

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Sibling Love captures the ups and downs of what many sibling relationships entail.

Full of fun, and vibrant illustrations, the messages highlight all the things that sibling love is made of; complete with sharing, singing, dancing, and everyday activities that siblings experience and share. Inside you’ll find a diverse group of siblings of different races and gender.

Siblings are often our very first friends and it’s the way children learn to handle relationships, closeness, give support, and resolve conflicts.

This book will encourage important conversations about:

  • Sharing
  • Friendship
  • Problem solving
  • Positive Sibling Relationships
  • Accepting each others differences

Sibling love is a lifelong friendship and it is an indescribable bond. Readers’ sibling love could be a little or a big brother or sister. No matter what the type of siblings, the bond is always unique and precious. Sibling love is all about expressing love in different ways, good morning hugs and kisses, laughing at each other’s jokes, and chasing each other around the yard till they are out of breath. They can understand each other’s made-up language, they can pour syrup all over the pancakes at breakfast, share snacks, or get into a spaghetti mess during dinner time. They can sing and dance together, and have fun going on family road trips to faraway places. It is also about fighting for small things and making up. Let’s read this book to learn more about sibling love and celebrate it.


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