The Great Germ Hunt – The Magnificent Makers #4


The Magnificent Makers #4: The Great Germ Hunt
Theanne Griffith, Reggie Brown (Illustrated by)
Paperback (2021)

Juvenile Fiction / Technology
Ages 7 to 10, Grades 2 to 5
112 pages
Series: The Magnificent Makers (#4)
7.6 in H | 5.3 in W | 0.3 in T | 0.2 lb Wt

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Boom! Snap! Whiz! Zap! The Magnificent Makers chapter book series is filled with science, adventure, and characters kids will love! Every book includes two science activities kids can do at home!

This series is a modern day Magic School Bus for the chapter book reader!

In class, Violet and Pablo have been learning about the icky world of germs! Violet has been out sick, and is excited she’s feeling better…achoo! Well, she’s mostly feeling better. She and Pablo are paired up with another classmate, Aria, who is a bit nervous that Violet keeps sneezing.

When another riddle appears to transport them back to the Maker Maze—a magical makerspace—to learn all about bacteria, viruses, and fungi, Violet and Pablo find out why Aria is so nervous. Aria’s body has more trouble fighting off illnesses than their bodies do. Together they learn all about good and bad germs, and why staying home until you’re 100% recovered is really important.

Don’t miss any books in this STEM-tastic series!

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