The Myths and Legends of the Philippines: A Seek and Find Reference Book


The Myths and Legends of the Philippines (2021) – paperback
Retold and Illustrated by Alexandra Romualdez Broekman
Edited by Michael Gino M. Victorio

61 Pages
Trim size: 8.5″ x 11″
Recommended ages: 5 to 12

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The Myths and Legends of the Philippines is the 2nd in a 3-part series of Seek-and-Find reference books - succeeding The Fabulous Fiestas of the Philippines.

In this book, read 10 myths and legends from the Philippines against the backdrop of the country’s main island groups (Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao). As children read the stories, and look at the colorful illustrations, they will also learn about the cultures from which these myths and legends originated, and more about the Philippines’ history and culture.

Retold, reinterpreted, and illustrated by Alexandra Romualdez Broekman, with edits from Michael Gino M. Victorio, this book also comes with free online study guides and activities for parents and educators.

“Myths, legends, and folktales give us a window into the past - how people thought about, made sense of, learned from, and imagined their world around them. In this book of carefully selected stories, we hope to share the colorful, diverse, and rich cultures and stories of pre-colonial, and Christianized Philippines with you.” - Kado Publishing 

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