The Runaway Wok


The Runaway Wok : A Chinese New Year Tale 
Ying Chang Compestine, Sebastia Serra (Illustrated by)
Hardcover [2011]
Juvenile Fiction / Fairy Tales & Folklore / Country & Ethnic
Ages 6 to 8, Grades 1 to 3
9.3 in H | 11.4 in W | 0.3 in T | 0.9 lb Wt

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A rollicking, rolling, runaway wok rings in a happy Chinese New Year!When a boy goes to the market to buy food and comes home with an old wok instead, his parents wonder what they’ll eat for dinner. But then the wok rolls out of the poor family’s house with a skippity-hoppity-ho! and returns from the rich man’s home with a feast in tow!

With spirited text and lively illustrations, this story reminds readers about the importance of generosity.

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Dimensions 9.3 × 11.4 × .3 in
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