Wade’s Super Duper Cape


Wade’s Super Super Cape (2020) – paperback
Written by Donte Wade Jr. and JeVonda Wade
Illustrated by Paul Didi
*Author-Signed Copy*

Ages 4 to 8

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Wade’s Super Duper Cape is an adventure of empowerment and self-confidence. Wade faces negativity and doubt. He has to find his power within to defeat the Big Bad Wicked. This book will encourage children to believe in their self-worth and channel their inner abilities. An incredible story for the entire family!

About the Author:
Between the ages of 4-8, Donte Jr. struggled with severe tantrums, constantly fidgeting, and difficulty focusing. It was a very challenging time for him. Most people did not understand his behavior and quickly assumed he was a “bad child”; thus, there was an unfair bias against him. At the age of 7, Donte went through a professional evaluation and was diagnosed with ADHD. (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). Donte’s parents provide him with resources to focus on his strengths such as weekly therapy sessions, changing eating habits, practical communication skills, meditation, and writing. Donte’s family created a mantra, “Love Your Super Duper Powers,” to remind him that he is powerful and no one can take his power away. Donte’s love for reading, writing, superheroes, and anime led him to co-write Wade’s Super Duper Cape. He wanted to share his past experiences and help other kids that feel misunderstood and have a challenging time expressing themselves. His message is to believe in yourself, harness your powers to love yourself, have confidence, and be accountable for your actions so you can learn and grow.

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