Skin Like Mine
Skin Like Mine By LaTashia M. Perry, Illustrated by Bea Jackson (2016) – Paperback



Recommended ages: 0 to 8
Reading Level: Lexile 500L

“Imagine a world with one hue of colors, how boring that would be.” This delightful book uses similes to describe the different characters’ skin tones, creamy and smooth like peanut butter or dark chocolate brown like a brownie treat. Author LaTashia Perry and Illustrator Bea Jackson have teamed up to create a series of children’s picture books, Kids Like Mine , that aims to “empower kids through positive self images.” I especially like the smiling-faced, ethnically diverse children on the cover illustration! The joyous illustrations by Bea Jackson are carried throughout the book and are sure to make you smile!

Take-away message: Encourages kids to love the skin they’re in, no matter the shade!

More about the author:
“LaTashia Perry is the Founder and CEO of Kids Like Mine and the author of the ‘Like Mine’ children’s picture book series.

LaTashia is committed to enriching and empowering the lives of children through positive affirmations and self-imagery.  Kids Like Mine inspires children of color to embrace and love their true selves through the brand’s products, which feature black and brown characters.

To further her mission, LaTashia penned a presentation titled “Why Representation Matters: The Impact It Leaves on Children”, and has created a workshop surrounding it, which she effectively presents to community leaders, teachers, parents and children across the country.

LaTashia is a native of Flint, MI and a product of Flint Community Schools. She is married to her high school sweetheart, Virgil Perry and they share five children together.”

TAGS: brown skin, self-published, paperback

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