Doc 2 Doc Viruses

Doc 2 Doc: Tony and Jace Learn About Viruses Written and Illustrated by Dale Okorodudu, M.D. (2020) – paperback

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Doc 2 Doc is a wonderful STEM book series that aims to expose children to science and medicine through fun picture books. The series was created by a Black M.D. who is also the founder of Black Men in White Coats, a video series that aims to increase the number of Black men in the medical field. This book is a bit wordy and introduces some advanced concepts, like the role of DNA, RNA, and antibodies, but this was all intentional. Dr. Okorodudu writes in his letter to parents and teachers: “I’ve purposely made this series a little challenging…One thing I’ve learned is that we should never underestimate our kids’ potential.” I couldn’t agree more. 

I especially love that the messenger and teacher in this story is Tony and Jace’s little sister, Debbie! She is the one who gives the lesson on viruses to her older brothers. Debbie confidently utters, “You go ahead to work Mom. I’ll teach these kids a thing or two about viruses.” I hope my daughter is just as brilliant and gets as excited about science as little Debbie does in this book! 

Note: There is one mention of God in the line “God made our bodies in a way that we can fight the viruses.” 

Take-away message: Just because you can’t see viruses doesn’t mean they don’t exist or don’t pose a threat to you. And there is even a message about why it’s important to wear a mask when you’re sick. Couldn’t be more timely! 

TAGS: STEM, male lead, siblings, nuclear family, family, self-published, paperback 

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