Sun by Alison Oliver

Sun Written and Illustrated by Alison Oliver (2019) – Hardcover

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In this whimsical tale, young Sun discovers that his life isn’t complete with soccer as his only hobby and interest. Upon seeing his brother Pablo happily occupied with his art supplies, Sun decides to venture off to the beach. He encounters and befriends a fox, and together they race up and down the dunes and create beautiful artwork with washed up objects from the ocean. The magical fox helps Sun find happiness again by spurring a forgotten talent.

There are so many vibrant illustrations throughout the book, I would have liked to see some of that reflected on the cover art alongside Sun and his buddy.

Take-away message: Feeling a little disconnected or down? Sun teaches kids to embrace their creative side and find happiness in the process.

TAGS: male lead, siblings, hardcover

About the Author: 
Alison Oliver is the author-illustrator of Moon and the illustrator of 30 BabyLit board books, including, most recently, Peter Pan. Sales for the series total more than 2 million copies. She is also author-illustrator of a forthcoming Be Bold, Baby board book series, featuring biographies of strong, inspiring women. Alison lives in New York City, where she also runs a design studio called Sugar. Visit her online at pure-sugar.com and on Instagram at @alisonoliverdesign.

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