The Adventures of Little Miss Crazy Hair

The Adventures of Little Miss Crazy Hair: The Girl with Curl By Christopher & Alejandro Garcia-Halenar, Illustrated by Sophia Jin (2018) – paperback

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The author’s of this delightful book wrote it as a birthday gift for their “curly headed niece, Vivian.” They wanted to celebrate her big, beautiful hair and give her a source for self-love. The story follows a young girl, who goes by “Little Miss Crazy Hair,” and her canine best friend Duke, on their daily adventures. The adventure they choose is based on her choice of hairstyle for the day. On Tuesday, she wants to wear her hair high up on her head in a bun, so she feels like being a ballerina! But on Thursday she wants to wear a ponytail so she’s going to be a veterinarian! This makes for a super fun read, eliciting anticipation for their next adventure. 

Although race is never discussed, family photos can be seen hanging on the walls that allude to “Little Miss Crazy Hair” being mixed race. 

I’m amazed that the illustrator, Sophia Jin, was a high school student when she illustrated the book! Her vibrant and expressive illustrations add to the joyousness of the story. 

Take-away message: From the author’s note!: “…not looking like everyone else doesn’t make you odd, it makes you special.” 

TAGS: self-published, female lead, textured hair, paperback

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