The Remix Kids Good Gift

The Remix Kids: Good Gift By Kaila Heath, Illustrated by Marie Laure (2020) – paperback

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Recommended ages: 4 to 9

I was pleasantly surprised by The Remix Kids: Good Gift! Self-published by author Kaila Heath, the scope of the story was quite extensive and well developed. The Remix Kids are a group of ethnically diverse children across the globe that are on a mission to help other kids at a moment’s notice. The kids in the group were all previously chosen to be a part of this special team. They communicate globally via special tablets.

The Remix Kids are called to action via various sounds of distress made by children in need. This story follows the character Luke. Two days prior to his birthday, his mom suggests that he donates some of his toys in an effort to tidy up his room. After Luke exclaims, ““Huh! You want me to give away toys for my birthday?,” his neighbor Soleil receives an alert on her tablet. As part of the Remix Kids team, she gets to work with her fellow members to help Luke realize the value of donating.

This story was wonderfully detailed and established a great foundation for a series of books about The Remix Kids. I love that the author included technology in such a fun and imaginative way. The use of the tablets will certainly attract young readers. And, while you have their attention, the story will teach them a valuable lesson about kind deeds.

This lesson is further explored in the additional content included at the end of the book. The author poses the question to readers: “What can you do to show your goodness?” And provides a list of actionable ideas from “The Remix Kids.” She also provides a blank page for readers to draw or describe a story where they can “remix” a situation for good.

I must note that the author also includes the following Bible verse at the end of the book:
“Anyone who has two shirts should share with the one who has none, and anyone who has food should do the same.” (Luke 3:11) She does not include any religious references in the story content.

Take-away messageThe Remix Kids: Good Gift shares a wonderful message about the power of kindness. It makes both the recipient and the giver feel good and encourages kids to be more empathetic and selfless. Both of these qualities were instilled in the character Luke after his toy donation to a child in need.  

TAGS: diverse characters, friendship, self-published, paperback

Check out the book website: www.theremixkids.com

About the Author:
Kaila Heath resides in North Carolina with her husband (Jason), son (Vaughn), and daughter (the real-life Solei). She is the Owner of Penned by Kai, a Boutique Writing & Branding Consultancy. Kaila and her family attend church at Calvary Chapel Cary. She believes all kids deserve the foundation of faith, the feeling of family, and the fortune of friendship.

About the Illustrator:
Marie Laure was born to draw. Her passion for drawing as a kid was so extensive that she ran out of paper and had to doodle inside of book covers! Marie is a part of a military family and lived in Europe for several years. She enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, reading, learning new languages, and all things animation.



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