Twins Written and Illustrated by Mike Ciccotello (2019) – Hardcover

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Author Mike Ciccotello is a father of fraternal twin boys and dedicated this book to them. With a giraffe and human boy as the twin pair, this book shows us that the wonders of being a twin has nothing to do with looking alike but everything to do with that very special bond that only twins can discover. We’re shown the ups and downs of being a twin, from always having someone to talk to to arguing over who draws better. Ciccotello’s illustrations are super playful and emotive, and I love the fun expression of the characters on the cover art.

Take-away message: Twin siblings may look identical, but they have unique personalities. And, although you most certainly will have your squabbles, always remember that it’s good to compromise and work together.

TAGS: Twins, Siblings, Male Lead, Hardcover

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Twins activity packet from the publisher

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