What is the Moon? Usborne book

What is the Moon? By Katie Daynes, Illustrated by Marta Álvarez Miguéns (2019) – Lift-the-flap book

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My daughter absolutely loves lift-the-flap books, so this was definitely a big hit with her! This is one of dozens of similar lift-the-flap style books from Usborne Publishing, one of the world’s leading independent children’s book publishers that focuses on educational content. I absolutely love the way they incorporate the flaps, there are so many of them and each one is filled with dynamic content that will keep children and adults alike engaged throughout. I purchased this one, of the plethora available, because it was one of the few with a brown girl on the cover. She’s also the prominent character throughout the book.

Take-away message: There are so many interesting things you can learn about the moon alone, from learning about the shapes we see of the moon to the essentials you’d need if you wanted to go to the moon.

TAGS: STEM, female lead, Spanish edition, lift-the-flap book

Also available in Spanish!
¿Qué es la luna?

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