Where Are You From

Where Are You From? By Yamile Saied Méndez, Illustrated by Jaime Kim (2019) – Hardcover

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A young Latina gets asked repeatedly where she’s from. She realizes that, to others, she looks like she “doesn’t belong.” But she feels like she belongs, just like everyone around her. So when she gets asked again, “No, where are you really from?,” she is confused and now unsure of her identity. She turns to her abuelo (grandfather) for an answer but doesn’t expect the long winded answer he provides that delves into their Argentinian heritage.

Jaime Kim’s illustrations incorporate a couple of cultural details but I wish there would have been more! The story was so expansive that I envisioned the pages bursting with even more nods to Argentinian culture. The cover illustration of the young girl and her abuelo is sweet and reminded me of my abuelo. This story is also a loving ode to the special bond between grandparents and grandchildren.

Take-away message: This heartwarming story of family and love is sure to teach children that connecting to their heritage will make them stronger and prouder of their identity.

TAGS: Argentinian, Latinx, family, grandparents, Spanish edition, hardcover

Also available in Spanish!
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