Love Your Hair! By Phoenyx Austin, M.D., Illustrated by Tracy Austin (2015) – Paperback

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Big, loud, beautiful hair is what makes the main character in the book strut throughout her day with so much confidence. From attending a yoga class at the start of her day to a fashion show at the end, she styles and wears her hair the way she loves and does so confidently and unapologetically. The main character explains to the audience that once you love every little thing about your hair no matter the style, length, or color, it will never let you down. I love the cover depiction of the strong, black protagonist proudly sporting her puffs!

Take-away message: Phoenyx Austin wrote this book for “every beautiful brown skin girl” to instill confidence in them and to teach them how to “always love (their) kinks and curls!”

TAGS: Black, Black Hair, Textured Hair, Female Lead, Indie Publisher, Paperback

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