My Brown Skin by Thomishia Booker

My Brown Skin By Thomishia Booker, Illustrated by Jessica Gibson (2017) – paperback 

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My Brown Skin is an uplifting story about a young black boy embracing his brown skin. He knows he is perfect just the way he is and he wants everyone to know it! We see him going about his day as a confident young boy. From staring out the window, to playing outside with mom, he exudes pride and positive self-esteem. It’s refreshing to see just a young Black male on a book cover. Jessica Gibson’s charming illustrations of him exude pride, confidence and joy. 

I have to note the “religious” tag. It’s not obvious from the cover or book description, but there is one page that references God and the notion that He is our creator, and a mention of “the heavens above.”

Take-away message:  Teaches kids to be confident and proud of the skin they’re in.

TAGS: male lead, brown skin, religious, indie publisher, Spanish edition, paperback 

Also available in Spanish!
Mi Piel Marrón

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