One Big Heart

One Big Heart: A Celebration of Being More Alike Than Different By Linsey and Beverly Davis, Illustrated by Lucy Fleming (2019) – Hardcover

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We meet a classroom full of students who are each unique and individual. Children come in different shapes, colors, sizes and backgrounds. From braids and freckles to singers and dreamers, each student possesses their own unique traits and abilities. I like that there is no one protagonist in this story, but instead a collective student body that celebrates diversity. And Fleming’s cute illustrations add to the quirkiness of the characters, as evidenced on the cover illustration.

It should be noted that this book takes a religious angle, which is not obvious from the jacket art. There are mentions of God throughout and the notion that He is our creator and gave us all of our unique characteristics.

Take-away message: We can be great friends with people that look completely different from us on the outside and, most importantly, we all share one thing: a big heart that makes us capable of showing kindness and love.

TAGS: Christian, religious, diverse characters, Spanish edition, hardcover

Also available in Spanish!

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